goals for the rest of the summer

hi everyone! my summer so far has been filled with intense ups & downs, gaining weight but also gaining muscle, trying to learn how to fuel my body in the best way possible & also to treat myself without feeling bad about it. i am trying very hard to find a balance that i can maintain for the rest of my life. i’m done looking for quick fixes. they’ve only brought negativity into my life.

i’m not going to weigh myself anymore. my eating habits no longer revolve around weight loss, but rather muscle gain. i want to be strong! focusing on being skinny this past year was a terrible decision. i gained & lost weigh from month to month, suffered from depression & extreme self-consciousness & self-doubt, and now i’m done with it. i’m moving on. starting right now!

here are some of my goals until I go back to school at the end of august:
- post my intakes every day
- journal every day
- meditate for at least 10 mins a day
- be outside as much as possible
- exercise every day (hikes & walks count)
- remember that everything will be ok :)

thank you all so much for your support! sending love to all of you. xoxoxo